Family Puigcerdà, Undated Letter Book Entry from 1646

 Family Puigcerdà of Ibiza Town 1646

What news today! The island of Crete has been invaded by the Turks, they have taken one of the towns, but no one at the tavern can confirm which town it is that has been taken. The Venetians will surely lose significant standing in the region as a result of this. I decided to try and make a lucrative trade out of this endeavor by getting some fellow traders to load up a ship of salt and sell it to the invading Turks, surely they will need the provisions if they are to take the grand island of our rivals. If this business venture turns profitable enough, I shall use the money as a final investment into a ship of my own. I shall entrust the captaincy of this future vessel with my son, who is eager to be on the high seas and build a fortune for himself.

It will be interesting to see where this development goes. I do not think the Venetians have it in them to take back the island, and I hear the Turks have sent a very powerful force. There is word that some trickery was afoot in the invasion, but I have always held it in my mind and in my heart that someday it would be attacked. After all it was the last of our possessions from the holy wars. [1] I can only hope that the good Christians there are given mercy upon, I have heard stories of those who are subject to the wrath of the Turk, and they are often not pleasant stories to hear.

[1] Molly Greene A Shared World ( Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2000), 5.


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