Family Sanudo, 1718

Alberto Sanudo to his father on Crete

Dear Father,

The year is 1718 and my name is Alberto Sanudo.  My family resides on the island of Crete where my father is the leader of the local military force designated to protect the island.  Three weeks ago I was sailing in one of my twelve merchant ships around the southern edge of Morea when a corsair from Malta attacked my vessel and captured my ship.  He then left my crew as well as me on a barren rock where we were lucky enough to be rescued by a ship sailing just a few miles behind us.  I have sent a representative to the Tribunale degli Armamenti to plead my case before them.  The Knights of Malta do not know this, but I have enlisted the help of Mario, my Catholic friend, to act in my behalf to gain a better chance of success.  He already has the proper passports and documentation to safely and legally reach the Tribunal.  I have already spoken with the French consul in Venice and made him aware of my case as well as getting the notary public to sign off on the twenty eyewitness accounts of the event.  I even went as far as paying Mario to acquire a letter from the bishop of Morea.  With all the evidence as well as the strong documentation I will present I have faith that I will be compensated in some degree.  Another factor in my favor is that I can argue that the waters in which I was attacked were still in Venetian hands due to the fact that the way, though not in the favor or the previously mentioned, is still ongoing.  I just hope that this endeavor will not land me in debt with all the expenses of paying for the accommodations for my friend as well as for the proper documentation.

Very respectfully,

your son Alberto




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