Family ben David 2, 1450-1500

To my progeny,
My name is Moses ben David, our family and I are living in Alexandria.  I am a notary public and a local community leader. Our family has been very blessed. Trade in our area has been shifting recently, what with the surge of Turkic violence in the East and the fall of Constantinople. We have maintained our situation here in Alexandria and have maintained relationships across Egypt and even into Spain. However, some disruptions have occurred with our relations to the Diaspora in Spain. The Turks have raised their attempts to control trade across the Mediterranean and have begun to clash with the Spaniards.1  This has only served to disrupt our trade slightly, but we still hold strong that we will maintain communication with our brothers in Spain.  With the resurgence of a new Islamic threat in the region, one cannot help but wonder if they will turn their sights on Egypt. We have a good life here, and if something were to change who knows what would happen to our family. Perhaps we would be moved to another region or be forced to toil under the sun as our ancestors had done in this same area. I believe that trade in the future will continue to rise, along with our family’s fortunes. We are inherently linked to this region and come from a long tradition of merchants and pillars of the community.
1. Molly Greene, “Resurgent Islam: 15001700,” in The Mediterranean in History, (Los Angeles, CA: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2003), 222.

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