Ben David Family 2, c. 1600

Spencer Black 23 Feb. 2016 Blog Post 2
To whom it may concern,
The Ben David family has seen its share of history.1 We have witnessed the fall of our
government to the Turkic conquerors, and even the receding of the once great city of Venice.
With the constant changes we have witnessed as come the unease associated with it. The Turks
have impressed upon us their share of miseries, but have thus far been very good for our business
and have brought many exotic goods into our city. Their empire is vast and far reaching. They
have access to many Eastern goods. Their competition with Venice has also been beneficial to
our coffers.2 Venice can no longer monopolize in the spice trade in Cairo since the Turks have
taken over.3 Many of the Venetians from here have left for friendly shores such as the capital on
the Bosphorus.
The Turks at least ensure security within their communities. While we pay to practice our
religion, it allows us to trade without fear of reprisal as some of our brothers to the West have
encountered, however, we must still remain cautious. We have seen many people come through
the port in recent time; this must be due to stability returning to the region. One thing that can be
said of the Turks is that they protect their land. With their empire growing they have helped
ensure that legal issues and trade issues have become one and the same. I believe that we will be
safer under their rule and they will treat us fairer than the Venetian merchants had.4 The
Venetians were fair if you could benefit them; however, Cairo is now out of their reach.5

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