Family ben David 2 Ottoman Crete

Candia, another Venetian outpost lost to them. I was shocked to hear this news,
as it has been a long time since the Turks have taken some territory. It appears the
Turks are on the rise again and their lust for empire and conquest cannot be quenched.
One moment they are friendly with the Venetians, the next they are at war and taking
their land. How can this be? I had a very good contact on the island whom would
correspond regularly with me. I heard that many if not all of the Venetians left the
island when the Turks took over. As unfortunate it is to hear this about my friend and
colleague, with the Turks, our own rulers, in power there it will certainly benefit our
own coffers and allow us to receive a better trade deal with our own laws in place.
However, I am concerned that the system they are implementing there might not be
the standard with which we have grown accustomed to here in Cairo. I also heard that
when the Turks took Candia, the city had been abandoned and there was a lot of ‘free’
land to divide up. Perhaps our family can buy some of this property and spread our
own influence in this tumultuous time. From this unpleasantness there could possibly
be a bright side and if we act quickly we can make a fortune. The state they are
establishing there is a lot more diverse that before and we might not be restricted to ac
specific part of the city. Perhaps now is our time to gain power and influence, there is
already a large Jewish presence on the island, this could help us spread our own roots.

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