Family ben David and the Knights of Malta

To whom it may concern,
During the previous war with the Venetian State of the Sea, one of our shipping vessels was boarded and the goods seized by the Knights of Malta. The ship was off of the coast of then Venetian controlled Tinos, and not subject to the Knights attacks against Ottoman subjects.  Clearly these Knights were operating against their own rules and saw this war as an opportunity to gain money at the expense of their Christian brethren. While we are not Christian, it is insulting none the less that these pirates did not adhere to their own rules and confiscated the items aboard. The captain of the ship identified himself as a Jewish merchant from Cairo, a relative of mine. However, as he was operating in Christian territory, he should have been immune from the pirates attack. The case speaks for itself at the barbarous nature of these pirates and how opportunistic they are. Several witnesses’ statements have been gathered to corroborate the story of the captain who is attempting to have his goods returned.  These pirates must be held accountable for their actions and it is up to the Ottoman state and the state of Malta to ensure that they see justice served. If these men are allowed to continue operating free from oversight then there are far greater issues than just piracy at foot. These men prey on helpless merchants who are simply trying to make a living. The goods stolen were being sent from Cairo and the money that would have been made would have helped our family greatly. My relative who lost his goods was forced to abandon his home until compensation can be made; he and his family are living with us until he can be back on his feet. These pirates are damaging more than just financial standing amongst their victims.

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