Family ben David and the Greek Mediterranean

To whom it may concern, Our family has had their share of hardships, but we have had a run of good luck recently. My uncle was working on a Greek merchant ship that was boarded off the coast of Egypt by Maltese pirates. The captain was a Greek and was treated rather harshly by the pirates. These pirates term themselves Knights, but they only have honor in their legal system. After they seized all of the merchant’s good they released my uncle and left them adrift. He was able to get save passageback to Alexandria on another ship working with our family who happened by. My uncle and the Greek captain of the ship were able to bring the case to the Tribunale degli Armamenti and seeing that the Knights had acted to aggressively towards a fellow Christian, the captain, theywere able to receive compensation. This is indeed a good day for our family and we are looking forward for my uncle’s return to Alexandria to resume his normal business.  Business is hard enough as it is without these piratical raids off the coast. The Maltese pirates spend most of their time raiding off of Egypt, this is very detrimental to our business, but with this victory our family, at least, might see some reprieve and have a chance to flourish once again uninterrupted by the pirates. Work can continue and the trade will allow us to move up through the world.

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